Thursday, 28 June 2018

GDS Gratuity order released on 27.06.2018 is illegal.

Date : 28.06.2018

GDS Gratuity order released on 27.06.2018 is illegal.

This is the present Gratuity order.

"Granted at the rate of halfmonth's basic TRCA drawnimmediately before dischargeof service, for each completedyear of service subject to amaximum of Rs.1,50,000/- or 16.5times basic TRCA last drawn,whichever is less".

 Minimumservice prescribed for elig ibilityof Ex-gratia gratuity is 10 years.

suppose after implementation i.e 1.7.2018 a GDSBPM with a basic of Rs.14,500 may be retire from service

as per above order
half months basic = 7,250
suppose his service is 35 years, then 7250×35 =Rs.2,53,750/-
last drawn basic is 14,500, then 14500×16.5 = Rs.2,39,250

As per above order "whicever is less " means Rs.2,39,250

But how Department issue order with a maximum ceiling of Rs.1,50,000 unscientifically.

So, all senoir GDS are requested not to worry regarding gratuity.We will definitly win in this issue in the court of law. below recommendations of GDS Report.

Ch.Laxmi Narayana

Recommendations of Kamalesh Chandra Committee Report regarding GDS Gratuity.

Comparison of provisions in the Gratuity Act

Application of the Gratuity Act,1972 


  1. Venkatesan gds mc tellar no senior we stage aĺlavance

  2. Sir transfer wala sifarish ka order hoga ya nahi. Please reply.

  3. Sir, my service is 35years, how much amount can I get?

  4. Sir what about arrears instead of 60000 only 25000 we r getting..