Monday, 31 August 2015


After two rounds of discussions with Central Trade unions' leaders with group of Ministers Headed by Arun Jaitly on 26-08-2015 & 27-08-2015, the Government requested the trade union front to call off strike on 02-09-2015. 

No assurance was given on stopping FDI in Defence, Railways and financial sector further no assurance was given in stoppage of disinvestment  in PSU's . Hence INTUC and FNPO will go on strike on 02-09-2015. Make the strike against anti-labour and anti-people actions  of the Government a thumbing success.  

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Central trade unions barring BMS decided to go ahead with their proposed nationwide strike on 02.09.2015

All central trade unions barring the  Bhartiya Mazdoor  Sangh on Friday decided to go ahead with their proposed nationwide strike on  02.09.2015, saying the government failed to give a concrete proposal on their  12-point charter of demands.

 "There is no reason for us to defer the  planned strike and all 11 central unions will be on a one day nationwide strike  to convey the discontent amongst workers," G Sanjeevareddy, chairman of the  central trade unions coordination committee said after a three-hour meeting where the government  offered some sops. However, BMS, which claims to be the second largest trade  union in the country, feels that following the government's proposal, unions  should give it time to deliver. "We have requested all central trade unions not  to go on strike just for political reasons," Vrijesh Upadhyay, general secretary of BMS, said after the meeting. BMS feels  that unions should give government six months to deliver on the proposals. "For the first time, the government has made a positive move  on some of the issues. Let us give them some time to deliver," Upadhyay said.  

An inter-ministerial committee led by finance minister Arun  Jaitley had on Thursday proposed to significantly increase minimum wages and  make them mandatory across the country. It also suggested an increase in the  bonus ceiling as well as widening the coverage of provident fund and health  insurance to include  construction workers and those in schemes such as aanganwadis.

The  unions' decision to go ahead with the strike is a blow for the government that  met trade union representatives thrice in July and twice in August to discuss their 12-point  charter of demands. The government had assured them action on at least four of  their key demands on Thursday while urging unions to reconsider their decision  to go on strike. However, unions felt that whatever assurance has come is not  meeting their demand and hence 10 of the 11 central trade unions will stage a  one-day general strike next week. 

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


All Div/Branch Secretaries are requested to give  a letter to your local MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT   regarding Inclusion of GDS to 7 th CPC.

CLICK HERE To see the complete memorandom

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Appeal to Divisional Secretaries/Circle Secretaries of FNPO affiliated unions Importance of 2nd September 2015 Strike
Dear Colleagues,
You are aware that our Federation and its affiliated unions have issued strike notice on 17-8-2015 to participate in the 2nd September 2015 strike called by national trade union centres.
Our Federation is aware how our sister unions targeted our members during verification. We received hundreds of complaints from various corners complaining about the sister unions and their atrocities. The Federation is very well aware about the local issues. But we have to think globally and act locally. This is the time to go on strike at the national level.
If we choose to stay away from strike on the pretext of local animosity, we will be branded as anti-strikers sister unions are expert to propagate against us in this regard. Majority of innocent members always believe false propaganda of sister unions. We should not give room to them, We mentally satisfied with the demands which are placed by the national trade union centres, especially item No. 5 Minimum wage as Rs. 15000/- for Indian worker. Unless minimum wage is raised, we cannot demand Rs. 26000/- raise for Central Government employees. Like-wise, disinvestment, FDI and anti-labour laws are very important for indian Workers today. In regard to Part II now 7th CPC is going to submit its report in August/September 2015. But till date inclusion of GDS case in the 7th CPC purview has been rejected by the Government twice. This is unfair, unethical and unjust and we cannot accept the stand of the Government/Department. The Department/Government is always showing step-motherly treatment to the GDS employees.
In Railways, Income Tax Department Central Secretariat and other Central Government establishment, Cadre Restructuring has already been implemented. But in our Department it is still pending including MMS. This is the time to show our anger against the Government/Department. Our Federation therefore requests all our colleagues to go on strike on 2nd September 2015. If the strike becomes successful, it will pave way for settling many issues across the table.
I request all our affiliated unions let us keep asideour differences with the sister unions for the time-being to achieve our main goal from the Government/Department. Unless we achieve the goal, we will not be respected by the members. Do participate in the strike and make the strike thundering success. This is for our future survival. 
D.Theagarajan SG FNPO


All Div/Branch Secretaries are requested to give  a letter to your local MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT   regarding Inclusion of GDS to 7 th CPC 


       NATIONAL UNION OF GRAMIN DAK SEVAKS                                                             Andhrapradesh Circle                                              

Web :             Mob:09642334666                   Email:

 No:NUGDS/APC/7th CPC/Div/MP                                               Dated: 22.08.2015

Sri/ Smt. …………………………………………………..
Hon’ble Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha/Lok Sabha).


Respected Sir/Madam,

SUB : Inclusion of the wage structure and service conditions of the Gramin Dak Sevaks to      thepurview of 7 th Central pay Commission Regarding :

        Gramin Dak Sevaks are a set of employees of the lowest level in the department of posts coming to 2,70,000 in the whole country.Whenever the pay structure and other service conditions of Central Governament Employees are reviewed by Central Pay Commissions, a committee is employed to exam the wage structure and service conditions of GDS also.Report of the committee is also considered along with Central Pay Commissions report and both are implemented at one time which was the usual practice in the past. Report of the 7th CPC is understood to have been more or less finalized and it is going to be submitted in August 2015.

           Due to the adoption of modern technology in the services by the Postal Department,there is no considerable difference between the work attended by the full time Departmental staff and the Gramin Dak Sevaks. Therefore the service unions FNPO and NFPE representing 95% of the total employees had been demanding to include the case of examing the wages structure and other conditions of GDS also to the 7th CPC purview. On this issue notice served to go on indefinite strike from 6th  May 2015 and had discussion with Postal Services Board on 30.04.2015. Secretary Generals of the service unions had discussion on 05.05.2015 with the Minster for Communications&IT Shri.Ravi Sankar Prasadji who had promised to give the issues of GDS to 7th Central Pay Commission. The strike proposed to start postponed in view of this promise.

          But to our utter disappointment,it is now understood that Finance Ministry again rejected the case of GDS inclusion in 7 th CPC. Department of Posts is taking action to form Bureaucratic Committee under chairmanship of a retired member of Postal Board. 

          We earnestly request your good self to intervene in the case and take all necessary steps to bring the case of GDS also to the purview of 7th  CPC and to ensure both reports are implemented at same time.
               For and on behalf of the National Union Of Gramin Dak Sevaks.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Yours Faithfully                                                                                                                                                                          

                                                                                 Divisional/Branch Secretaries
                                                                                 Address :                                                                                                                                 

Monday, 24 August 2015

Saturday, 22 August 2015

DoP got payments bank license. Let's see Dos and Don'ts of payments banks

Dos of payments banks

* Has to use the word ‘Payments Bank’ in its name to differentiate from other banks * Accept demand deposits, i.e., current deposits, and savings bank deposits from individuals, small businesses and other entities

* To hold a maximum balance of Rs one lakh per individual customer.

* Will be allowed to set up branches, ATMs, BCs

* Allowed to issue debit cards also offer internet banking

* Can accept a large pool of money to be remitted but at the end of the day the balance should not exceed Rs one lakh

* Can accept remittances to be sent to or receive remittances from multiple banks

* Permitted to handle cross border remittance transactions in the nature of personal payments / remittances on the current account

* Allowed to distribute mutual fund products, insurance products and pension products

* Bank can also undertake utility bill payments

Don’ts of payments banks

* No NRI deposits should be accepted

* Cannot issue credit card

* Not allowed to set up subsidiaries to undertake non-banking financial services activities

* Other financial and non-financial services activities of the promoters should not be mingled with the working of payment banks

 Initiatives to be undertaken for promotion OF POSB schemes-reg.

Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
(F.S. Section)
                                                                        Dak  Bhawan, New Delhi
                                                            Dated: 30.06.2015
            Shri R.N. Parashar
            Secretary General
            National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE)
            1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building
            New Delhi-110 001

            Shri D. Theagarajan
            Secretary General
            Federation of National Postal Organization (FNPO)

Sub: Initiatives to be undertaken for promotion OF POSB schemes-reg.

D.G. Posts letter No. F.No. 63-01/2015-SB dated 30.06.2015.

            The undersigned has been directed to forward herewith a copy of letter No. F. No.63-01/2015-SB dated 30.06.2015 on the subject cited above.

2.         It is, therefore, requested to disseminate the contents of the aforesaid letter through your newsletters/magazines among all the members for taking active participation in the initiatives to be undertaken for promotion of POSB Schemes and fulfillment of mandate of financial Inclusion in rural India.
L.K. Sinha

Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
(F.S. Section)
                                                                                                Dak  Bhawan, New Delhi
                                                                                    Dated: 30.06.2015
            All Heads of Circles,

Sub:    Initiatives to be undertaken for promotion OF POSB schemes-reg.

            This is regarding promotion of Post Office Savings Schemes to meet the financial inclusion mandate in the rural areas. There are some initiatives which may promot the opening of POSB accounts. Some of the steps to be taken are suggested as blow:

i.          PO staff salary and wages accounts can be opened in the Post Offices with cheque facilities. The PO staff can continue to keep their bank accounts and enjoy loan and card facilities by simply issuing the POSB cheque towards their bank accounts and transfer whatever amount and may carry on banking activities.
ii.         All staff (Departmental, GDS/contingency paid and outsiders) may be paid salary and wages through POSB accounts.
iii.        POSB accounts may be opened in the name of social security beneficiaries (OAP) for crediting the social security benefits into their respective accounts. (SOP enclosed).
iv.        POSB accounts may be opened in the  name of Landlords who have  given  their building on rent to the Post Offices, for crediting the monthly rent to be paid to them.
v.         POSB accounts may be opened to all the pensioners who are getting pension from the Post Offices for crediting their monthly pension in their respective accounts.
vi.        Maturity payments to RD, TD,PPF,PLI,RPLI etc. may be paid  through POSB accounts. Postmasters may be instructed to persuade the customers to take payment through POSB accounts.
vii.       Delivery staff may be motivated to carry SB-3 application forms and receipt book so that they may bring in at  least one account per day.
viii.      A few GDS may be appointed exclusively to work as pygmy collectors from 5 PM to 9 PM in the whole  sale or retails  market area collecting daily cash from small vendors (Vegetable vendors,Hawkers, Petty shops/stores etc). SOP is enclosed with a certain arrangements of solidity and amenability to monitoring.
ix.        Deceased claim cases settlement and payments may be routed through POSB accounts, Beside this all  discharge payment of certificates can also be routed through POSB and no coercion shall be used.
x.         Opening of POSB accounts by the proponents of PLI/RPLI and Identification of POSB promoters in each Division to exclusively promote POSVB Schemes.
xi.        Under the Member of Parliament  village adoption programme, the entire village may be got covered-“Samporna Bachat/Bima/Sukanya Scheme “ with necessary support from the concerned Hon`oble Member of Parliament.
xii.       Advance SMS may be sent in case of maturity instrument and request be made to the customer to open SB account.
xiii.      Reinvestment by the existing customers may also be ensured.
xiv.      The SB account can be opened in CBS Post Office without taking KYC documents  again, if the earlier investment /account  opening has been done  after obtaining KYC documents. It will get linked to CIF, SB Account can be opened at the time of maturity of any instrument/investment also, if before maturity, KYC documents are to be collected, wherever applicable. A single AOF form will have to be filled.
xv.       As per prevailing banking practice, having SB account  has many benefits. Internet Banking, Debit card etc. facilities will also become available in all CBS Account for easy fund transfer to/from other accounts/instruments, held by him.
These issues with the approval of Member (Banking & HRD)
                                                                                                 (Sachin Kishore)

Friday, 21 August 2015

Dr.KAMBHAMPATI HARI BABU  Hon'ble Member of  Parliament,LOKSABHA Letter to Shri.RAVI SHANKAR PRASAD Hon'ble Minister for Communications & IT.

Finally DoP got the payments bank licence to become a vehicle of financial inclusion in the country
Postal Department Should Become Vehicle of Financial Inclusion: Ravi Shankar Prasad
NEW DELHI:  Armed with a payments bank licence now, the postal department should gear up to become a vehicle of financial inclusion in the country, Communications and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said today.    
The minister said that the postal department should prepare itself properly and effectively for this opportunity.    
The payments bank licence will enable the Department of Post (DoP) to offer banking services to the masses through its vast network of 1,54,000 post offices, of which 1,30,000 are in rural areas.    "This is a very proud moment for the postal department. I have been trying since I became minister to energise and make the vast network of the department for financial digital inclusion and e-commerce activity," Mr Prasad told PTI.    
"I am very happy to learn that the postal department has been given a payment banking permission by the RBI. I thank the RBI, governor and his team," Mr Prasad said. 
RBI today decided to grant "in-principle" approval to 11 applicants, including DoP, National Securities Depository Ltd and RIL, to set up payments banks.  As per RBI guidelines, payments banks would offer a limited range of products such as demand deposits and remittances. They will not be allowed to undertake lending activities and will initially be restricted to holding a maximum balance of Rs 1 lakh per individual customer.They will be allowed to issue ATM or debit cards as also other prepaid payment instruments, but not credit cards.
Source: NDTV

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

2 nd September 2015 GENERAL STRIKE NOTICE Served by                                         FNPO&NUGDS


Our Federation decided to participate in the 2ndSeptember strike called by National trade Union centers against the anti labour policy of the Central Government. We have taken this decision last minute based on the feedback and advice received from the various levels.  In the recent verification process, the sister federations and their affiliated unions caused damage to our membership by using all sorts of unfair means. They may say there is no rules and regulations in war (Verification of Membership) . We to agree that this war but even in a war there are codes of conduct to be observed by the both sides. But in this verification process both federations and their affiliated unions targeted only our unions. Unfortunately the Department also supported both federations and their affiliated unions by issuing favorable orders in favor of them in the verification process. This has very much affected the morale of the rank and file of our union.  The behavior and conduct shown by the rank and file of the sister federations towards our rank file spoiled the normalcy. Despite the unsavory incidents it is time for strike to protest against the wrong policy of the Government. Because our non participation should not be construed that we are supporting the anti-labour policy of the Government. We do not want to skip by branding that this a political strike, of course it is a labour oriented strike. We have therefore decided to participate strike on 2ndSeptember. Without cooperation and support of the rank file we are unable to organize the strike on 2nd September 2015 successfully. Therefore our Federation request all our unions Circle secretaries organize strike in your circle, start programs to make the strike thundering .

Friday, 14 August 2015



No.PF-PJCA/2015                                                                             Dated: 12th August, 2015

            All General Secretaries /All India Office Bearers
Circle Secretaries / Divisional and Branch Secretaries.
of NFPE, FNPO & GDS Unions.


            The Government of India , Ministry of Finance  has  again rejected  the demand of PJCA  for inclusion of  matters relating to  GDS  Wages  revision  and other service conditions in 7th CPC . During the meetings on PJCA  6th May, 2015  Strike Charter of Demands  Postal Board and Communication  Minister  has assured  that a strong  note  with strong recommendations will be  sent to  Finance Ministry for inclusion  of GDS  in 7th CPC . But unfortunately  it has been rejected  once again and it  shows  the thinking of  Government of India  towards  this most deprived  and exploited  section of  Postal Department . It has come to notice that Department has started action to form Bureaucratic Committee which requires to be protested strongly. Besides this the file of Cadre restructuring has been sent back by DOP&T for clarification on some points. Though we  were  assured by the Department  that all Cadre Restructuring  proposals  will be implemented  before 7th CPC.

            In all cadres of Postal Department, there is acute shortage and no appropriate action is being taken by the Postal Board to fill up the vacancies.

            Hence  being  aggrieved  we strongly  oppose all these moves of Government of India and  Department of Post, and to protest all these  things  the following  programme of action is declared for the below mentioned Demands: -

(i)     Include GDS in 7th CPC for wage revision and other service related matters.
(ii)    Implement cadre Restructuring proposals in all cadres including Postal Accounts and MMS in Department of Posts
(iii)   Fill up all vacant posts in all cadres of Department of Posts(i.e. PA,SA, Postmen, Mail Guard, Mail Man, GDS Mail Man, MMS Driver & other staff in MMS, PA CO, PA SBCO , PO Accounts & Civil Wing  Staff)

1.      Observe protest day on 19th August 2015 by observing lunch hour demonstration in front of all Divisional, Regional and Circle offices.

2.   One Day Dharna on 26th August 2015 at all Divisional, Regional and Circle Offices.

3.   One Day Dharna by All India Leaders of PJCA (NFPE+FNPO+AIPEU GDS (NFPE) + NUGDS) in front of Dak Bhawan (Postal Directorate) New Delhi on 22nd September-2015)

            Postal JCA appeals entire  rank and file to make  all efforts to make all agitational  programmes  a grand success to give a  strong message  to Government of India  and Department of Posts  that if  our genuine  demands are not settled the Postal Employees  including GDS  will be compelled to go  on Indefinite Strike.

Yours Comradely,

(D. Theagarajan)                                                                                     (R.N. Parashar)
Secretary General                                                                                 Secretary General
         FNPO                                                                                                     NFPE           
(P. Panduranga Rao)                                                                        (P.U. Muralidharan)
General Secretary                                                                                General Secretary
AIPEU GDS (NFPE)                                                                                        NUGDS

Copy to:
The Secretary Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110 001 for information and necessary action.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Department of Post is taking action to form Bureaucratic Committee under Chairmanship of  Retired Member of Postal Board.FNPO&NUGDS strongly oppose this move and Federation will intimate future course of action shortly.