Saturday, 18 August 2018

National Unions submitted Memorandum to Sri.Rahul Gandhi , President INC at Hyderabad on 14.08.2018

Date : 19.08.2018

National Unions submitted Memorandum to Sri.Rahul Gandhi , President INC at Hyderabad on 14.08.2018

Annual_Increase : Comparision present implementation with previous commiittee.

Date : 18.08.2018

Annual_Increase : Comparision present implementation with previous commiittee.

As per Nataraja murthy Committee recommendations orders dated 09.10.2009.

GDS recruited before 2006 :

Annual Increase will be ollowed after completion of l2 months continuous service from that date i.e.1.1.2006

 GDS recruited after 1.1.2006 : 

ln respect of Gramin Dak Sevaks newly oppointed on or after l-1-2006, their TRCA will be fixed at the minimum of new TRCA slab and the next annual increase should be allowed after completion of one year's continuous service, from the date of their engagement.

Present implementation order dated 25.06.2018:

The next annual increase will be effected after completion of 12 months of continuous engagement from the  date of implementation of TRCA.( for all GDS before and after 1.1.2016 )

Due to illegal order issued by DoP on 25.06.2018 regarding implementation of GDS Pay Committee Report in r/o annual increase

Each and every GDS will loose the amount of Rs.1,000 per month on an average as on date of implementation.

If it is calculated for one year i.e; 1000×12 months = Rs.12,000

And it is calculated for all GDS i.e; 12,000 × 3,00,000 = 36000,00,000
i.e; 360 crores per year

For remaining years i.e 7 years ×360 crores = 2520 Crores.

So , total amount of loss to  GDS in r/o Government implementation on GDS Pay Committee Report is

3,100 crores + 2,520 crores = 5,620 crores.

Present Government of India decides the following as a scam which costs only 1,437 crores.

Bofors scam: A timeline of the 31-year-old, Rs 1,437-cr India-Sweden deal.

We asked the present Government of India to declare the details of  scam of Rs.5,620 Crores regarding non providing the basic facilities to GDS in r/o implementation of GDS Pay Committee Report.

Ch.Laxmi Narayana


Date : 18.08.2018


#Attention to #all_GDS :

#Arrear_calculation : Received arrears are not according to Kamalesh Chandra Committee Recommendations.

As per Report:
One BPM with a scale of 2745/-

As per the recommendations , he will be placed in Rs.12,000 (level 1 BPM scale & 4 hours ) .

But before implementation of Report his working hours is only 3 hours.

So, for arrear calculation , one must have considered  the scale ( actual working hours i.e; 3 hours ) for the period between 1.1.2016 and date of effect is exactly Rs.9,000/-.

So, Rs.9,000- Basic+DA as on month will be the arrear for GDS.

But, DoP modifide the previous arrear calculation method by receiving the order from PMO.

PMO directed DoP to modify and submit re calculation of arrers procedure.

As per present implemented orders of GDS Arrears , DoP issued following procedure which is illegal
Basic pay ×2.57 - Basic +DA.

2.57 fitment factor is only for finalising new wage scales. It is not applicable to arrears.

Arrear calculation is clearly related to new wage scales - basic+DA.

Due to irregular and illegal formula applied by DoP, nearly Rs.3,100 crores loss to GDS.

This issue can be challenged in the Court of Law.

Ch.Laxmi Narayana

Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Date : 15.08.2018


Today National Unions AP & Telangana Circles Delegation met Sri.Rahul Gandhi President ,Indian National Congress Party at Haritha Plaza , Hyderabad.

Date : 14.08.2018

Today National Unions  AP & Telangana Circles Delegation met Sri.Rahul Gandhi President ,Indian National Congress Party at Haritha Plaza , Hyderabad.

Delegation submitted a memorandum regarding grievances of Gramin Dak Sevaks. Delegation explained the bonded labour system of GDS in Postal Department particularly Conduct & Engagement Rules,2011.
And also submit the details of anamolies in the implementation of GDS Pay Committee & illegal intervention of PMO.

We request the Hon’ble President INC Sri. Rahul Gandhiji to intervene and do justice for removing the unlawful engagement rules and also implement the recommendations of Pay Committee which were approved by the Nodal Ministries and revised by the PMO. The 3 lakh GDS employees will beholden and support the Congress Party scattered in every village and having influence on the rural mass if their grievances were covered in the manifesto of the Indian National Congress.  

Hon'ble President INC assured the Delegation to look in to the matter at  an earliest.

Delegation also met so many Members of Legislative Assembly , Members of Legislative Council and Ex Members of Parliament and AICC Secretaries and explain present problems of GDS  and requested their intervention to submit the same to AICC to resolve long pending problems of GDS.

Delegation also met some electronic and print media reporters and  explained GDS grievances.

National Union conveys our sincere thanks to Sri.N.Uttam Kumar Reddy TPCC Chief and Sri.Y.Naganna Goud General Secretary, INTUC Telangana State for providing appointment with Sri.Rahul Gandhi.

And also special thanks to Sri.Ch.Koteswara Rao NUGDS Circle Treasurer TS & Dist.Youth Secretary INTUC for his restless efforts for getting appointment with Sri.Rahul Gandhi.

NUGDS committed to the welfare of GDS.We are ready to do anything for GDS.

National Union Delegation
AP & Telangana Circles