Membership Subscription

All the 'letter of authorisation' whether bearing Director (SR &Legal) 's signature or not apllied during the month of April may be considered as per the standing instructions : Directorate Clarification

Clarification regarding giving option for alteration/withdrawal or inclusion of new membership of service associations / unions in the month of April each year to be made effective from the month of July of that year.

NUGDS Union Membership subscription is required to be deducted : Directorate Clarification.

Directorate also clarified that any unrecognised union which has participated in the verification process can avail the enrollment of new membership in the month of April and the membership subscription can be deducted from July.

Subcription Recovery from NUGDS : Directorate clarification

Procedure regarding for verification of membership for recognition of service associations representing GDS was stopped/cancelled by the Directorate vide DoP letter dated 03.10.2017.

Clarification for subscription recovery is as under mentioned

"Recovery of subscription from TRCA of the GDSs should be continued as per the old authorization was existed up to Aug'2017".

plz.see the below order.

Declaration Form for all cadres:

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